Bevan Tattersall

Dear Members and Guests

During this last year we have enjoyed a fantastic season both with the weather and with condition of our golf facility.
In Golf Digest Course Rankings we rose from 31st place in Norden to 8th and from 7th in Sweden to 5th. In the process we took over both Barsebäck GK and Halmstad GK which as you can agree is a great achievement.
This is largely thanks to a dedicated team behind the scenes who’s passion is making Kristianstads Golfklubb great. With the addition to our own KGK team we also have a fantastic membership team that help us. This started way back in April when many members came here on a Saturday morning and helped clean our Östra bana before we opened for the season. This was done in their own time and the only payment was the promise of a ”grilled korv” cooked by Leif.